These are some informal notes on my research and development work, and there may even be a personal note every once in a while. If there is anything that you want to learn more about, then let me know, and I’ll see what I can do!

A Homebrew Tap for MiniZinc Solvers 2022-08-15

TLDR; I’m proposing a Homebrew tap to make it easier for users to install different MiniZinc solvers. The tap already contains many of the open source solvers that are current contenders in the MiniZinc challenge, and I’m hoping to add any others that fit the infrastructure. I will try to keep the solvers contained in the tap up-to-date, but contributions are always welcome. The tap can be found in this GitHub repository.

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Implementing custom DTrace instrumentation 2017-02-24

Last semester I had a chance to work with DTrace. In particular, I implemented custom DTrace instrumentation in Encore and Pony. Encore is a new programming language which extends Pony. The language is being developed at Uppsala University. In this blog I will explain why you want to use DTrace, how we use it, and how to add it to your application.

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