Optimisation Expert & Programming Language Designer

I’m Jip, a researcher at the OPTIMA ARC research centre and Monash University, where we aim to make complex decisions easier through decision support and data insights. We design state-of-the-art optimization techniques, such as the MiniZinc modelling language, ready to be used in industry.

A Homebrew Tap for MiniZinc Solvers

I'm proposing a Homebrew tap to make it easier for users to install different MiniZinc solvers. The tap already contains many of the open source solvers that are current contenders in the MiniZinc challenge, and I'm hoping to add any others that fit the infrastructure.

Implementing custom DTrace instrumentation

DTrace (and SystemTap) are often the “go to” when adding tracing in high performance environments such as for example operating systems. This note discusses adding instrumentation to your own application, so you can take advantage of these powerful tools.

Career Overview

  1. Company
    OPTIMA & Monash University
    Research Fellow
  2. Company
    Monash University
    PhD in Optimization
  3. Company
    Uppsala University
    MSc in Concurrency and Parallelism
  4. Company
    Radboud University
    BSc in Computing Science