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Hi! 👋

My name is Jip J. Dekker. Welcome to my corner of the internet! I am a researcher with a passion for programming languages and optimization. As a research fellow in the OPTIMA ARC training centre, my work at Monash University is twofold: to advance an industry-ready optimization toolkit, and apply these techniques in industry (with some wonderful PhD students).

This puts me in a unique position to work on MiniZinc, a solver-independent constraint modelling language. MiniZinc can create high-level models of optimization problems. The user can take advantage of a large library of pre-defined constraints that are automatically translated to a wide range of solvers, including CP, MIP, SAT, and SMT. I work both on the core MiniZinc language and its compiler, as well as transformations of MiniZinc models, and smart interfaces to its supported solvers to allow for, for example, incremental solving algorithms.


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